Running a team build with necros.

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Running a team build with necros.

Post by Sasseh Monsta on Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:41 am

I have had a great idea while stuck at work with my mother on this cold Monday night.... Very Happy

I would LOVE to run the following just to see if it works:

Foul Fest (EotN)
Contagion (ELITE) (Nightfall)

With whatever else they would like, possibly condition spamming.....

Along with another condition spammer or 2 =] and a monk preferably XD

If there were 2 Necros running this build at once, then Dark Aura to cast on each other? and possibly Machosim to go with it. The last 2 ideas taken from

there.... but i thought of it and looked it up after writing all this out >_<

GAH! Very Happy


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