The Crimson Creature

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The Crimson Creature

Post by Saint_Valtiel on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:16 pm

Day break came into the ghostly town of Silent Hill. As the great fiery orb of the sun slowly acended, it searing the sky from the dark of night to the early light of day. Strange sounds came from the streets, howls and groans from unseen abominations. The pets of the mother of God.

On the far outskirts of the town a old stone church proudly stood. Old gargoyles watched unblinking as the sun rose higher into the sky. A flutter of crimson material passed in front of the stone eyes of one gargoyle. Its origin came from the slender figure, perched upon the gargoyle, matching crimson hues stared out over the town as the intense light shimmered upon the figures pale skin.

"hmph...a new day! But as a new day dawns my patience with this town lessens!"

Raising himself into a standing position the creature slowly disapperated from where he stood. Not wanting to return to the silent town unless it would intrigue his delights.
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