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Post by lunaya nightfall on Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:34 pm

Not always playing GW (tho i know i should... Rolling Eyes ), as im sure alot of you lot also do, so heres what ive been playing lately(only on the PC dont own a console):-

Crysis - FPS - what a joke this HALF game was (15hours start to finish).
Black site area 51 - FPS - was good but felt it ended too soon (13hours start to finish).
Witcher - RPG - A damn good game, couldnt stop playing after i started (40+hours loved every min of it).
Warhammer online - MMO - Beta testing this but found i lacked the time and enthusiasm (games abit WOWish).
Jade Empire - RPG - one of them games i never got round to playing (still playing).
Fable - RPG - was kind good but just wanted it to end after a while (40+hours to finish).
NWN2 - RPG - tryed again to get into this game but still couldnt be arsed lol.

well let us know what you've been playing while not playing GW.... gameing wise anyway keep it on topic Laughing .
lunaya nightfall
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Please make me post more

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Re: Offline Games

Post by Nareus Daedalus on Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:05 am

(Eye twitches in anger at dissing Crysis)
Last three...good on you for getting them but try and get 'em done as Fable's ending is great (all i'll say is bloody big evil demon dragon)
NWM not sure about as i haven't finished it though. But it is so similar to SWKOTOR. Get that or the second by the way they are great.
And if it's stupidity you're after...Postal 2 or Penny Arcade Adventures.(Postal 2 is sick and wrong so i won't go into detail.)
Nareus Daedalus
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