This is from My Myspace roleplay profile...its Val's beginnings as i see them

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This is from My Myspace roleplay profile...its Val's beginnings as i see them

Post by Saint_Valtiel on Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:48 am

Slowly the child stirred. Warm in his bed he opened his eyes as slits to peek into the night. All was dark but yet there was a somber feeling in his small room. Turning in his bed the child looked upon the curtainless windows. A few nails had been carelessly hammered into the wood of the window pain. A vain attempt to keep the child in his room during the night. He sighed and turned back to the wall. The child looked older than his years but at only 11 years old he still had to obey by his parent's rules. Their roof, Their rules the child thought to himself. He had often used the window to escape out of the small house, then using his uncanny agility he would jump from the window to the now leafless tree that grew outside his room. Shimmering down the tree he would head in the direction of the amusement park where he knew that someone special would be waiting. Alas he was caught as his mother payed a visit to what she thought was a sleeping child but only to find an empty bed.

Outside his room the child could hear the creaking of floorboards. A ale rusted light came from beneath his locked door. Closing his eyes tightly the child attempted to pretend to be asleep. Not wanting the hassle of a parent scolding him for being awake at such a late hour. But the child was wanting, his heart groping to the amusement park to meet his special friend. The footsteps grew louder and the light brighter. The with a loud click the child's door was unlocked. With a slow creak the wooden door opened ajar and a feminine hand, pale in complextion entered holding a candle to light her way. The limb was slowly followed by a full body. The child's mother. Her face was one of beauty, her hair sleek as silk, but as black as charcoal. Peering behind the candle light the woman slowly crept towards the child's bed. Careful not to make a sound that would suddenly wake him.

The female slumped upon the hard matress of the child and gazed lovenly at the child she deemed asleep. Placing the candle upon a finely crafted bedside cabinet she kept her gaze. Her pale hand reached upto the child and ran it fingers through the child's hair. His hair was soft yet slightly greasy after a refusal to bathe before he went to bed, but like his mothers it blended perfectly into the inky blackness of the night air. The child's face contorted as he felt his mothers touch and acting as he had been woken opened his eyes gloomily to gaze upon her face. She nodded slightly in greeting to him, he yawned sleepily in responce before his voice broke the silence between the two.

"Why did you wake me mother?"

The child's voice sounded cold to his mother yet hisdeep red hues showed affection towards her. His mother's lips curled into a soft and warm smile before she spoke, still running her fingers through the child's hair. Her voice was far less cold towards her son. Full of fire and passion for the words that she would divulge upon him.

"The time has come to raise God my son. This is the chosen day that Paradise will come to this Earth and all evil will be wiped from the world! Now come need to be washed and dressed within half an hour. We embark to the church to begin the ceromony before we take a trip over the lake."

The child's eyes widened to this news. Tonight is the night? Panic quickly ran through the child's body and his mother could see clearly what the child was thinking. She pulled her fingers away from his hair and without removing the warm smile she raised her hand a slapped her child across the face. His head whiplashed with the blow but was immediatly brought back to it's resting position. Magnus lowered his eyes slightly, staring at the bedclothes and breathed a silent appology to his mother. With that the woman raised her slender body from the bed and motioned for the door. At the threshold she turned back towards her son. Her kindly and pretty face looking slightly disappointed.

"I wish i never let you meet that Guillespie woman. I fear that this may have clouded your judgement on what tonight means for you...for all of this town."

With that the female exited and closed the door behind her. The finality of her presence leaving her sons was made as a loud click marked the locking of his bedroom door. Thirty minutes passed and the child appeared upon the banister of the stairway that lead to the upper floor of the household. Wearing his best clothes, as he always would for a visit to the church. As the child stood it could be clearly seen that he was taller than most children his age. His slender build gave the impression that he was malnurished in someway. The reality was that his parents fed him and treated him as a loving family would have. Stepping into the fully lit room the child gazed upon his mother again. She looked back at him but yet her eye's where fixated on the crimson mark left by her earlier dicipline.

The childs father was also slender, but his arms where muscular and his shoulder's broad. He was the handyman of the town, a plumber, electritian, the capenter. He was well known throughout the town of Silent Hill and it was through these connections that he, and a few others, spread knowledge of what was going to transpire on this night. He nodded a silent welcome to his son before taking his wife's hand in his. The walk to the church was a short one. The fall night unusually warm but none the less moist. A fell fog covered the small town, sweeping in from the great lake at it's center. The small family entered a quiant stonemade church, it's bell tolling midnight as a call for the worshippers to gather. Inside the church the boy and his family sat at their reserved placed. The first row of the church was often reserved for important families within Silent Hill. To the boy's right was a man he recognised from the Hospital. A Dr. Micheal Kauffman. To the families left was a space that did not fill. This was his special friends spot. The child and her mother would often sit and converse with the boy's family before and after the sermon. The two children would often laugh and joke together while during the sermon they would hold hands. But on this night they did not show, and the boy knew that they wouldn't.

The sermon was an unusual one. Words that the child had never heard before where often used by the preacher. His father was called up to read the Genesis story that was dipicted in portraits along the churches walls. His father's voice was as cold as his son's but his crimson hues stared confidently out into the seated worshippers.

" In the beginning, people had nothing. Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred. They fought endlessly, but death never came. They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire. A man offered a serpent to the sun and prayed for salvation. A woman offered a reed to the sun and asked for joy. Feeling pity for the sadness that had over run the earth, God was born from these two people. God made time and divided it into day and night. God outlined the road to salvation and gave people joy. And God took endless time away from the people. God created beings to lead people in obediance to her. The red God, Xuchilbara, the yellow God, Lobsel Vith, many Gods and angels. Finally God set out to create Paradise, where people would be happy just by being there. But there God's strength ran out, and she collapsed. All the world's people grieved this unfortunate event, yet God breathed Her last. She returned to the dust, promising to come again. So God hasn't been lost. We must offer our prayers and not forget our faith. We wait in hope for the day when the Path to Paradise will be opened."

The man cleared his throat before continuing. He fiddled with his tie and placed both hands upon the pedastel. It was as if he was giving a speech to troop not worshippers of God.

"Tonight is the night that God will return to us. The mother has been chosen and she is now ready to bring God to this world! Let us say a silent prayer for ourselves for this special night!"

Everyone in the small hall lowered their heads and prayed to their God. All thinking that when they wake tomoorow that they would wake in Paradise. All except one person. The small boy lowered his head and mouthed a silent prayer. But it was not like the prayers of the others. Dear beautiful God. Please...Grant me the power this night to save a blessed creature among all that you created. One that i love...who i fear will die this very night in your name! After each had prayed all of the hall stood to attention, and with a final bow to the child's father and the preacher each set off to the boats that layed upon the great lake.

The lake was still as they rowed across. The fog had thickened in their time in the church. But yet each rower knew their destination. Five boats in all streamed across the waters of the lake. Each one carrying twenty or so passengers. A light gasoline tourch lit the way ahead of each of the boats. Family's huddled together to keep warm from the now cooler winds that came across the lake. The boy and his family where situated upon the first and leading boat. The two parents looking out, trying to break through the fog to their destination. The boy's head slumped against his mother's shoulder, as if he was asleep yet his eyes where wide open. Then with a mere blink of his eye the child appeared on each of the boats filling up any empty seats, with his eyes burning as bright as the torches.

Panic quickly swept the lake as each image of the child began to slaughter the passengers on the little wooden boats. Screams rose from the waters as the child and his images let a small bone extrustion appear from his palm. The organic sword sliced through the towns people like butter. On the leading boat Magnus had already dispatched half of the crew. The rest where now recoiling at the stern of the boat. Trying to keep their distance from the creature. Defiantly the father of the child stood and careflly approached him.

"Magnus...what in God's name are you doing? We are to bring Paradise to this world tonight. Cease this murder!"

The boy's eyes flashed up at his fathers. The grown man took a step back in fear of the child.

"My name is not Magnus...I have been given a new name. A name from God! My name is VALTIEL!"

The child screamed at his father before raising his free hand. He outstretched his palm and a ball of darkness began swirling around the child's fingertips. With nothing else to say to the cultists upon the boat Valtiel fired his projectile. Hitting his father square on the forehead. The resultant blast destoryed half of the boat. Splinters flew into the air and the cultists where propelled away from the boat. All but two. Valtiel stood over his mother. His face full of pride to his actions. The female had blood trickling down from her mouth. Her eyes filled with panic towards her son before being forcedopen with the feeling of his blade thrusted into her shoulder.

" hav...e you...become?"

Raising his free hand he brought it down across his mothers face. Slapping her as she did him to remove any thoughts about what was going to transpire on this night.

"You shall not harm...My love!"

With that Valtiel made a movement and turning his body away from his mothers. A loud splash was heard as her head met the icy waters of the lake. The damage to the boat was too much to keep it afloat. Valtiel could feel the boat begining to sink from the wieght of the dead. Turning his face upwards he looked in the direction of his love's home. All that met his eyes was a fiery blaze that broke through the thick mist. Open mouthed in terror it was the last sight that the mortal boy ever gazed at before the waters joined him with his family.
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