General AB tips

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General AB tips

Post by Sasseh Monsta on Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:53 pm

General AB rules and tips...

If you are an ele or are running a build which has a 45 sec+ enchant, cast when you arrive at the first shrine.
Dont fight single targets (unless they are solo capping) - its a waste of time!
Try not to fight more than 6 people unless you know your monk/healer can handle it.
If you are fighting stay within agro bubble range of your monk.
Don't stand in AoE - you will most likely die .
If you are fighting at a shrine, get in capping distance and STAY there (unless you have to pull away because you got mobbed).
4 to a cap - Yes, 4, not 6, not 2...4! and DO NOT SOLO CAP.
Don't always head off towards shrine that are owed by Luxons, head towards ones that the Luxons are heading towards. Interupt their capping!
Prioritise targets, and call them - attack the monk/healer>necros>ele/mes>sin>wars>anything else.
Protect your monk!
Try not to fight on their terms - i.e, next to a shrine they own with their npcs still alive.

Feel free to add more!

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