Grenz Frontier Tactics (AB)

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Grenz Frontier Tactics (AB)

Post by vampires shadow on Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:33 pm

This isn't one of the easiest maps (IMO) it just happens that this is the map that was on when I decided to write up some tactics.

General AB rules...

If you are an ele or are running a build which has a 45 sec+ enchant, cast when you arrive at the first shrine.
Dont fight single targets (unless they are solo capping) - its a waste of time!
Try not to fight more than 6 people unless you know your monk/healer can handle it.
If you are fighting stay within agro bubble range of your monk.
Don't stand in AoE - you will most likely die Smile.
If you are fighting at a shrine, get in capping distance and STAY there (unless you have to pull away because you got mobbed).
4 to a cap - Yes, 4, not 6, not 2...4! and DO NOT SOLO CAP.
Don't always head off towards shrine that are owed by Luxons, head towards ones that the Luxons are heading towards. Interupt their capping!
Prioritise targets, and call them - attack the monk/healer>necros>ele/mes>sin>wars>anything else.
Protect your monk!
Try not to fight on their terms - i.e, next to a shrine they own with their npcs still alive.

This is the best way to start off on Grenz:

From starting point 1:

Starting from 1 go through the portal and cap the mesmer shrine (1). Watch out when approaching the warrior shrine (6)... if the luxon team is late geting there I would reccomend tryng to stop them from capping it, but if they're already there and have a well balanced team you should just avoid them and cap behind them. If they dont have a well balanced team, then wait and let them come to you, and kill them.
If you went round, then follow the Luxons up to the mesmer shrine (1) and cap behind them once more. (They are likely to have capped it once you have left it and capped the other shrine).
If they didn't cap the mesmer shrine - because you killed them, or they went a different way - then head to the ranger shrine (5) or the elementalist shrine (4)and proceed to cap when necessary.

From starting point 2:

Starting from 2 go straight out of the gates and to shrine 2 and the head across the bridge to the Ressurection Shrine (7). Stay within capping range but watch what the Luxon team at the ranger shrine (5) do, to see what direction they head in. (See Luxon map at the bottom from shrine (5)) If the Luxons head towards you, fight them and hopefully kill them Smile Stay within range of the npc Monk at the res shrine for extra healing and protection, and dont worry too much if one party member dies - you have the res shrine, remember? Smile
After either killing the Luxon team or the Luxon team going the other way, head down to the ranger shrine (5) and cap there. Be aware that Luxons who have died may res and head towards you at this shrine from their base. Once capped, proceed towards either the ele shrine (4) or the warrior shrine (6) depending on which ones are capped/under attack. If going for the ele shrine (4) make sure your monk is in range to heal you, since the eles can do a lot of damage through spiking.
Proceed to cap when necessary.

From starting point 3:

From starting point 3, head through the portal and cap the necromancer shrine (3). After capping, head onto the hill and wait for the luxons to decide which way they are going. They will either go along the water section (under the bridge as shown on luxon map) or head straight towards you (also shown on map). This route will almost gaurantee a fight, as over 75% of the time they will choose to fight your team, so be prepared, and remember to prioritise and call targets for a fast kill. Dont let them pull you towards the ele shrine.
If you win or they went the other way, move onto the ele shrine (4) but make sure your monk is in range to heal you, since the eles can do a lot of damage through spiking. If you killed the Luxon team, they are most likely to come back through the portal and head towards you while you cap this shrine.
If the Luxon team went the other way, they are most likely to have capped the necromancer shrine (3) behind you, so go back and reclaim it. Otherwise, check the mini-map to see if the other teams are needing backup. i.e - recapping the res shrine (7) or moving onto the ranger shrine (5)

And here is a map of the most taken Luxon routes on Grenz...:

>will put one in when the forum stops messing up on me...<

Note: This map is the opposite of Keys. The map layout is the same as in Keys just the Luxons and Kurzicks occupy opposite sides.
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