Easy place to Chest run, factions

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Easy place to Chest run, factions

Post by Sasseh Monsta on Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:46 am

The best place (in my opinion) to chest run in factions is.....

Gyala Hatchery!! In the Jade sea! Very Happy

I usally run it on NM using 7 henchies, 2 Monks, 2 Wars, 1 Ele, 1 Mes (Illusion), 1 Ranger (Interupt). I use a combination of Luxon keys and lockpicks, depending on what I can lay my hands on! Very Happy

In the following picture you can see the route that I usually take:

1 - Almost always a chest here! Beware, Rit boss + Rot Wallows
2 - One of these locations holds a spawn, have a look around. Beware, 2 Warrior bosses and an ele boss round here! Sometimes the mobs will attack each other...
3 - Can move around this section, sometimes also towards the top-most 2 circle. Mes Boss on the way here!

Dont worry if you die at the ele/mes boss area... there is a spawn place near there to the west. Its activated automatically if you are a kurzick and the area is under luxon control and you HAVENT talked to the priest at the shrine near the start! If you are a luxon.. you may have some walking to do! Very Happy

4 - Usually always one here, wait for the group to move across if you dont want to fight them.
5/4 - This one also moves, sometimes isn't there. Have a look around though!
5 - Beware of the Oni's that spawn near the chest if its here!
6 - As yet unknown, but there can be a chest there at times! Warning, Necro boss + yetis
7 - Beware - Top of these is an ele boss with shockwave and some more yetis. sometimes 7 doesn't spawn here but is further west in the sea.

Well, there you go! Have fun Wink If you struggle with it, PM me ingame and I'll take you on a run with me Smile

.:: Mighty Proud ::.

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